Dean Patrinely
  Dean Patrinely serves as managing principal and oversees all phases of the Fund including execution of the origination process, due diligence, financing/ disposition, marketing and property management teams. He also sets strategy for the Fund’s professional service affiliates, Patrinely Group and Crimson Services.

Phillip Benjamin
  Phillip Benjamin directs underwriting for potential investments, evaluating risk parameters, leasing and sale projections, financing assumptions, alternative exit strategies and sensitivity analyses.


Dennis Tarro
  Dennis Tarro is responsible for the origination process including identifying and sourcing transactions, market interface, and assisting with financing and closing. Additionally, he directs the leasing program for the Fund’s assets.


Michael Nicholls
  Michael Nicholls oversees all due diligence, strategic design and construction activities for the Fund, in addition to assisting in property operations, especially mission critical repair and maintenance issues at the asset level.

Pete Pfile
  Pete Pfile oversees accounting and financial reporting to investors and lenders for all Fund investments. He also manages the coordination between accountants for individual properties and the Fund’s asset managers. Pete is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Texas.


Carolyn Drushel
  Carolyn Drushel is responsible for managing the Fund’s public relations and identity strategy in addition to assisting with the Fund’s origination processes and reporting.

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